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Marvellous Art Gallery

Connecting Artists & Individual Buyers Worldwide

Marvellous Art Gallery was established in 2019 with the aim of supporting local Leicester and UK artists in the marketing, exhibiting and selling of their art, and providing a platform where the talented artists could present their work to a wider audience.

Since then we have solidified our reputation for sourcing and exhibiting exclusive, cutting-edge artists, reaching beyond our local beginnings and supporting internationally acclaimed artists from across the globe.

Our community of artists at Marvellous Art Gallery are able to share in and support each other’s work, making the gallery an important hub for artists both locally and internationally. As well as dealing in art by acclaimed artists including Paul Wright, we exhibit art from emerging and established artists such as Tim Fowler, Danielle Vaughan, Lisa Timmerman and many more.

The artists at Marvellous Art Gallery are all acclaimed in their fields, working in a range of mediums, from sculpture to painting, and are carefully selected not only for the excellent quality of their work but also for their tireless dedication to their art. 

We are meticulous in our approach to supporting artists, providing not only a space in which they can exhibit their artwork but a solid platform on which they can express their artistic individuality and reach new audiences. 

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