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Artwork Information Upload

Dear Artist,

Please use the form below to submit detail information about your artwork,  this will help us to accurately describe your art on our website which is better for promoting it and selling. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is crucial that you follow the instructions on your right. 


  • How to upload art (For Registered Artist)
    It is very important that you submit information about each piece of painting. One submission per painting or artwork
  1. Artist Names –  For all our current artists, their names will be  listed on the drop down menu for you to select. (Any new artist please scroll to the bottom)
  2. Artwork Title – Please enter the title of you artwork as you want it to appear on our website (Case sensitive)
  3. Reason Behind Artwork Title – In as much description as you can, please write the reason for the artwork title and why you decided to title your work as this.
  4. Description of Artwork – In this section please write describe your work in as much detail as possible, this include; your inspiration, where you were when you was completing this artwork, When you began this artwork, how long it took to complete this artwork, time, date and what this artwork may represent or mean to you)
  5. Year it was completed – Please enter the date when your artwork was completed.
  6. Height (cm) – The height of the artwork (without a frame)
  7. Width (cm) – The width of the artwork (without a frame)
  8. Weight (kg)  – The weight of the artwork (if possible) (without a frame)
  9. Framing Details – Please give as much details as possible to the details of the frame and framing requirements of the artwork
  10. Medium  – Type of artwork, if you can not find the exact specification of your artwork, please select other and include the specification in the ‘description of artwork’
  11. Asking Price – Please enter the asking price of the artwork, and include decimals.
  12. Extra Information – This section is for the Artist to enter any other information about the artwork which is not stated above.
  13. Email Address – Please enter an email were our team can reach you on
  14. Phone Number – Please enter a phone number were our team can reach you on
  15. Images – Please upload a minimum of 4 images from different angles. make sure the images are of high quality resolution.

For any new artist please email your contact information to and our will team will be in contact