Johnny Paramor

Painter, Sculptor

In my fiftieth year (2020), I continue to express myself through painting and ceramics. I find they influence each other, yet able to stand alone.

Painting – My paintings are abstract and expressive. I attempt to portray emotion, feeling and energy onto the canvas, using thin layers of transparent and opaque paint. The paintings are built up gradually, for my depth and colour are very important.

Ceramics – I continue to make the thrown cylinder, in various sizes, these vary in colour and texture, from white stoneware clay to black clay/body. My vessels are made on the potters’ wheel too, but built up using the throw and coil method, these vary in height.

Glazing is still limited to a band or bands of colour, hand painted within the grooves made on the wall of the vessel, in the throwing stage. This varies with each piece. I feel ‘Wheel Thrown Vessels’ are limitless.