Lisa Timmerman


Lisa Timmerman is an artist with a history of Fashion & Textiles. She decided to progress her passion as a painter using ranges of paintings in the same way she worked in the fashion industry. By August 2011 Lisa had already done 6 portraits of her family over the preceding 2 years Lisa was unconvinced that she could call herself an artist.

After a week alone for the first time in 25 years, she decided that the only thing that kept her from being who she wanted to be was herself and that she needed to set herself a target & get focused.

Lisa knew how much her kids could achieve in a week with a strict timetable and she drew one up for myself to include everything she’d normally do plus time to achieve her new goal, which was 50 paintings by the time she turned 50. This gave her 2 years to paint 50 paintings. She told all her family and friends that this is what she was going to do and to her surprise, everyone was really encouraging and enthusiastic.

Some of Works